statement: This article aims to analyze objectively, there is no slander someone team, intended


as everyone knows, there is a period of time before the post on Tianya, called "money chuideng" serialization. Author Liu San. Soon, this post quickly became popular. And in the field of qianchuideng domain name was registered quickly. I am not only registered to a

first of all, we analyze the nature of this post. The author is Liu three, the post mentioned many times to understand, so judge. This person or to understand himself, or to understand the team. We know and understand baituan station closed some time ago. But now we go to look at, the first post is "money blowing lamp" advertising. Then determine the conclusion: this post is to understand (or its team) is about to appear in a project to promote the early soft.

then we analyze this post marketing model. First horizon. And the unspoken rules, decryption, entrepreneurship, long and other key words quickly attracted a lot of people’s attention, and high. Soon, this article is a Wangzhuan have reproduced, the author also created the official blog and "chuideng" money entrepreneurial team, team is reproduced "chuideng" full of money. OK, we understand that this is a typical pattern of all people earn. A post to 10 people, ten people have five people will go to reprint. Traffic has come… The rest is not much to say.

finally, we will analyze the profit model of this post. First of all, the article mentioned several times to understand the links and related sites. First of all, so some soft text + the power of the chain is not small, this is a profit. In addition to "money chuideng" entrepreneurial team join free conditions for the post, if you do not want to see is to spend 1000RMB, a total of 1000 people have a will to spend money, the profit of two. Finally, as everyone knows the understand and related team on the Internet so favourable or otherwise, the author Liu San (perhaps as fictional characters) became instantly popular with the Wangzhuan master, understand the fame of development, but not the same person and to ensure no negative impact on the network before and after the project launch and so on lay the groundwork, the profit of three. OK, this is the end of the analysis. The next two small ideas (thinking is dead, people are living, how to use their own!)

a, the use of celebrity search source. For example, I registered the, and to A5 soft Wen promotion is a typical example.

two, the whole people are earning an upgraded version. People are making the basic version of the use of small temptations to pay a lot of labor to promote. So in the update, we use a more powerful temptation, but visitors can get a small amount of work. Note, however, that the key point is that a small amount of work can also make a big profit. For example, "money" chuideng entrepreneurial team, the post about half an hour to complete, but it has attracted hundreds of thousands of people.