[Abstract] Amazon China sell books to sell but Dangdang, 3C communication appliances Jingdong boss, clothing department more dry but cat Taobao.

this is the two day of black Friday in the United States opened Christmas shopping spree, also known as the American online shopping "double eleven", tens of millions of consumers into the super store, Amazon, WAL-MART and other online shopping platform into. On Friday, Amazon "black Friday" online shopping festival introduced Chinese, hundreds of thousands of overseas brands, $100 shipping, Amazon overseas museum is also officially launched the


Amazon China in 2013 revenue of about about 10000000000, less than $2 billion, while Amazon is $74 billion 400 million worldwide, China accounted for less than 3% of global revenue, is about $1/8 of Jingdong. But in Amazon since 2004, investment in China is very large.

before the circle to understand, when known as the $1 billion 500 million financing Jingdong in 2011, Bezos to Chinese meeting, after the approval of a $1 billion warehouse with infrastructure investment. If the Jingdong does not have Asia No. 1, Amazon China is the largest self built storage area, the highest degree of automation of the electricity supplier. In the first quarter of this year announced a loss of earnings, Amazon deliberately stressed the loss of China’s huge investment. The size is not big, not on the scale of Jingdong, similar to suning.com, shop No. 1, but also it is not profitable, also can not see what the difference point.

China is more and more important to the Amazon

if only from the sales contribution, it is too far away from the balance, then why Amazon also spend so much energy in the China market? China market is really no place for


first Chinese market has a population of 1 billion 400 million, 350 million of the users of online shopping, no matter what Amazon Chinese do before, Chinese as the world’s largest online shopping market, it is impossible to give up. What’s more, at the end of July the Amazon also plans to invest $2 billion to enter the India market situation. Admit defeat, to give up the largest online shopping market, which can not account for themselves, investors can not explain.

Amazon China’s unique value point for the Amazon

Amazon in cooperation with ProLogis China, has continued to build nearly 800 thousand square meters of warehouse. If in accordance with the current sales to Amazon, Amazon did not take so much to build warehouse, why so many? A new report in eBay, 2013 in ebayTOP1000 the seller, 250 from China, the 293 largest of the British home. Of course, the proportion of Chinese sellers is much higher than this, eBay all sellers more than half from China in the United states. In the top 1000 of the United States from China accounted for 16% of stores, from China or Hongkong accounted for European stores accounted for $12%. Among the top 1000 of the top 1/4 from China in the United States, Europe and australia.

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