said that the best money to make e-commerce, but you really earn it? I do not think a few people will certainly answer some. Every day in the forum blind Akira, learned a lot, also saw a lot, mostly in the idle irrigation are idle, and truly through those who make money online are busy with their own projects, the amount of money silently every day.

nonsense not say, to business. Said today is what many of the so-called "online earned 300" earned 500 "training tutorial, what things, I believe we have seen a lot of friends, also seen and inviting? See people selling packaged tutorial in the jar a few days ago, is a collection of network make those online tutorial there are 65 version, like it so much, because of its amazing price as long as 5 piece, I went to look, look at his promotion page is very simple, is to introduce the tutorial material, the directory list, the file size is more than 4G, there are many previously seen" earned 300 "Japan earned 500 training class appeared to collect membership fee to hundreds of you download VIP tutorials and tools source code and so on, I think 5 dollars is not expensive, look really fake…. shoot down to see what he later sent me over 4G many things, I downloaded yesterday I downloaded, with here again, it is indeed true, I added that the QQ is quite friendly, so the understanding of the situation analysis summarized several problems…

1 what are the costs of those things?

according to his friend, he was collecting a project to buy a total of more than more than and 300.

2.300+ cost, sell 5 won’t lose it?

In fact, this

I Xiangleyixia, when he bought it is 300, but the program material can be unlimited reproduction, this is the benefit of e-commerce, unlimited reproduction materials, is highly profitable, and these materials is the cost reduced 30 of the price to sell, but also to Wangzhuan is very useful for beginners.


I will not say these things. But also we ourselves, these days, learned a lot of things, feel the Internet of things worth learning and a lot more… Today is… Test it for a few days to learn, upload to buy things, his promotion page copy over change, sell the same the price, hope to be able to test the success of.


from the electronic commerce perspective, in order to accelerate the speed of circulation of commodities, will increase the transaction reflects the difference is puerile, to do this is to reduce the cost, and the traditional business is not the same as those in electronic commerce can be copied, non entity capital to sell basically 0, like virtual currency Tencent: Q coins, it is of no value, but can buy virtual services provided by Tencent, Tencent through the virtual service value >