adhere to the multi brand strategy Gome, in the field of e-commerce has shaken.

October 15th, a person familiar with the matter said, due to slowing the pace of development, the loss rate is high, the United States senior decision regarding Kuba, discussed many times. In internal discussions, there is a saying that the sale of Gome Kuba to reduce losses.

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and the market rumors agree without prior without previous consultation. The rumors quoted sources as saying, in order to reduced losses, Gome or considering the sale of Kuba, at the same time, increase the investment in Gome online mall. The insider interview with this reporter, said, "the sale of Kuba is only a discussion, did not become the main direction of the discussion".

according to the above statement, Gome vice president He Yangqing said, "the United States will not sell Kuba, the company also not discussed selling its argument. Business development on the part of the United States, the development direction of the United States is to do large-scale at the same time, to minimize the size of the loss level, in order to achieve profitability as soon as possible."

dual brand strategy led to a double loss situation, to the actual controller is still in the United States in China Wong Kwong Yu brought great challenges. Informed sources said, is now the worst period in the history of the United States, known as the business wizards, Wong Kwong Yu’s decision-making ability, the decision of the United States in the future.

Wong Kwong Yu recently obtained a court ruling commuted 10 months, while at the same time, Kuba would sell the news spread like wildfire.

is the predecessor of the Kuba electrical network, November 2010, Gome announced to invest 48 million yuan holding 80% shares of kuba. At the end of May 2012, Wong Kwong Yu through its Gome sharp dynamic company HK $90 million 90 thousand (about 73 million 330 thousand yuan) with Kuba and new beauty (operation "Gome online mall entities) two home appliances sales website of the 40% stake, the two companies in 60% owned by GOME Electrical wholly owned company in Beijing Huihaitian Yun commerce the company holds consulting co..

when the announcement information shows that Gome online mall and Kuba is still at a loss. The announcement data show that in 2011, Kuba annual loss of 194 million yuan, Gome online mall loss of 197 million yuan, the cumulative loss of nearly 400 million.

both loss of reality, Gome has become a brand strategy to try to integrate the reasons. Informed sources said that since 2012, increased Kuba losses, in September as an example, the scale of losses due to tens of millions. As of now, the Kuba loss at the same time, Gome online mall also did not achieve profitability.

at the same time, the development speed of Kuba also continue to decline. Informed sources said that in September this year, the 8 data, the establishment of a year and a half of the United States online store monthly sales, has doubled Kuba has about 6 years of history.