technology news June 18th morning news yesterday, the electricity supplier industry group claimed that Jingdong from WAL-MART bought the shop, and said the negotiations have entered the post acquisition, the overall amount of more than 40 billion yuan. However, the news was subsequently questioned the various small partners.

Tencent Jingdong Strategy Analyst Li Chengdong in the circle of friends on the news for questioning, Li Chengdong said, the last message is the Alibaba to buy Shop No. 1, and that is what really can not think of Jingdong acquisition reason? Shop No. 1 has been relegated to Shanghai.

Li Chengdong

screenshot circle of friends later, Li Chengdong posted a photo of himself and other friends chat screenshots in the circle of friends, said the acquisition of the Jingdong store No. 1, no what value is completely homogeneous business, and so the 40 billion yuan of the purchase price, is a big opening.


Li Chengdong

screenshot circle of friends at the same time, in the news, there are rumors that Hainan Airlines also have the intention to purchase shop No. 1, now is also in negotiations.


although it is difficult to get an official confirmation of the next buyer, but the number 1 store in the sale or fact.

data show that in July last year, after the U.S. retailer WAL-MART wholly owned 1 stores, WAL-MART plans to accelerate the development of the electricity supplier business. However, contrary to expectations, after the acquisition of WAL-MART No. 1 store, branded a "WAL-MART online" shop No. 1 has experienced a series of business philosophy because of differences led to the departure tide, and market share decline etc. unfortunately, so that the outside of the shop 1, worries about the future. (Zhou Xuedie)