India holiday sales season began in October from a year to Diwali (Festival, India, October each year or 11 months) near the climax. For big purchases and gifts, furniture and jewelry investment in this period of time is considered to be an auspicious omen. Some analysts believe that during the holiday season, such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal online market is expected to reach 40% of annual sales. India network and mobile phone association is expected in December, the country’s e-commerce market valuation will reach $31 billion 500 million.


with the festival, India’s three largest e-commerce giant Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal annual battle will be staged, eager for a fight, Amazon invested $17 million to seize the initiative. The money invested in the Amazon Wholesale (Amazon), which is a subsidiary of Amazon, was founded in 2013, plays the role of the upstream distributor of India merchants. Amazon’s promotional activities will begin in October 1st, one day earlier than two competitors. In addition to discount promotions, bundled sales, will provide the day of service, the next day to choose the service, members of the buyer have the right to advance 30 minutes into the shopping cart.

sales season in 2015, the top three e-commerce giant total sales of $5~6 billion, of which Flipkart in its Bill Billion Days revenue of $300 million. However, the problem is in suspense this year, Internet users can get a huge discount from online shopping? According to analysts, this year’s holiday sales may be affected by the India administration of industry policy and promotion (DIPP) electronic commerce limited discount promotion Ordinance, the electric business platform trying to discount the burden placed on the seller’s body, but if the seller take the discount flashy without substance what money? Perhaps this also means that will usher in a relatively modest sales season this year, it will make long Tun good businesses suffered major losses, while those maozuliaojin grab discount buyers may return empty handed.

Economic Times said that so far, Amazon wholesale investment reached 23 million u.s.. Amazon unrestricted strategy in India, India is a key market for global development. When Alibaba and Lotte business giants such as the India market also hold a wait and see state, Amazon’s investment has been in place.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch pointed out in the report, Amazon is gradually shortened with the local industry leader in the gap between Flipkart and Flipkart currently occupy 43% market share, it is estimated that by 2019, this number will remain at around 44%, Amazon’s market share is expected to reach 37%, that is to say the next three years should not exceed the Amazon company in India.