[Techweb] reported "cut the hand of the party who has just signed a" double eleven "prize, a blink of an eye, the other side of the United States cut the hand of the party who ushered in once a year" black Friday "promotion war. I believe in this winter of November a certain unextinguishable hand chop party shopping frenzy, so in the "black Friday" shopping frenzy in value for money to buy baby! The following Xiaobian recommended several sea Amoy applications for you.


"black Friday" Shopping Festival of American origin, because the first day is the Friday after Thanksgiving holiday, people at home have to Christmas shopping, so many businesses have launched discounted merchandise to attract crowds, "50%off" products meet the eye everywhere. And the entire discount season from this day until Christmas, will continue for a whole month. Compared with domestic Jingdong, such as 618 or Tmall double electricity supplier and other big promotion, has a long tradition of black Friday is the paradise of overseas shopping. In a large business platform double 11 Tmall and Jingdong and other fields after the protagonist, "black Friday" will be in the limelight this year in the cross-border electricity supplier best show time.

honey Amoy global purchase

"Honey Amoy global purchase" South Korea duty-free comprehensive attention to South Korean imports of goods duty-free sale. The main South Korean brand limited sale mode, through the South Korean brand manufacturers, regular agents, trusted domestic counter purchase channels of procurement, and set its inspectors in the purchasing department. At the same time will also with the domestic transport company, overseas warehouse, bonded areas and other in-depth cooperation, take the overseas direct mail, transport, customs clearance, bonded overseas domestic and imported straight pattern to facilitate the users to buy authentic overseas.



" global purchase honey Amoy to support user autonomous search need the goods, at the same time, a portion of the goods were distinguished according to the type, especially suitable for small series of such "just looking" users might see the right will be rushed to the next single. In the "overseas direct mail" and "duty-free shop" two channels, users can search the goods by category, and "Honey Amoy" also provides a large number of global purchase of duty-free goods, there is much cheaper for you to know.



" Honey Amoy global purchase is also dedicated to preparing for the "black Friday " a new shopping area, users only need to click directly into the" black Friday "bargains to choose their own love of Korean goods. Really can not go abroad to buy a selection of South Korean imports.

Red Book overseas shopping artifact

"Red Sea" outside the shopping artifact is a global Master millions of daily share hit out with real money overseas shopping software, tourism shopping industry knowledge. Little red book overseas shopping artifact computer version of the 20 countries will buy the list, so you do not spend a wrong money. >