[TechWeb] October 14th news reports, recently, there is news that where the long-term payment of arrears has reached 10 million yuan, let it fall into a crisis of confidence. Last night, the vice president Liu Kaiyu in response to the rumors on micro-blog, Eric CEO forwarded and commented that the protagonist played". Liu Kaiyu micro-blog pointed out that the receivables overdue is due to the process of the company, department and staff turnover moving integration caused by the backlog of work by next week for the completion of the settlement process payment and payment work.

Naga Emihiro also pointed out that the sale of V+, and where the third party three departments have completed the integration and adjustment, all suppliers shops integrated into the V+ system in the background; October began to raise the system integration off for every guest sales category; front position appear still to maintain the existing V+ two platform, we get through the use of.

is the following micro-blog

1 payment: this period of time because of the company’s move, Department integration and personnel changes and several other reasons, resulting in the backlog of work in the process, appeared receivable overdue status. Although responsible for docking colleagues also made the corresponding interpretation work, but it failed to timely and accurate information for each department informed the work schedule, led to the emergence of the present misunderstanding and rumors, once again on behalf of the company expressed deep regret.

accurate plan is: the business department has been transferred to financial department last week to co develop a more effective and accurate work steps can be completed next week, has completed the process of reconciliation and payment work. At the same time, the business sector will coordinate docking you assigned, can complete the reconciliation of sales to verify the work as soon as possible, in order to facilitate the next step of payment.

2 integration: after a period of adjustment, we have completed the integration and adjustment of V+, where the third party sale and three departments. This is the purpose of integration, in order to better use the platform where you, to avoid the waste of resources and increased operating costs.

from customer’s point of view, can also be more focused to help you achieve sales growth. At the same time, from the beginning of October, we raised the point deduction, hoping to integrate a group is not suitable for every guest platform sales category, to make more space for other brand resources.

3 system change: because of the above integration, we need to store all the suppliers to the V+’s back office system to facilitate unified management. V+ system operation for three years, where the customer is the most perfect most convenient support for third party system. This is also our hope that we can upgrade the service capacity of the decision.

is just the migration to the workload caused by the increase in here apologize. I hope you can understand everything is to get better. Provide all possible help process where the customer service, technical and financial, legal department colleagues will also transfer, so that the work can be done more effectively.