current, single people more and more choice of matchmaking, it has become a kind of fashion. In science and technology and the rapid economic development today, people of the time is urgent, so many single friends busy work and study, and attend to their marriage, more than busy feel lonely and lonely, that will emerge in search of craving and daydream partner set a warm home, was born in a situation under this. was created in February 14, 2005, it has a wide choice of options, high degree of selectivity to win the favor of singles. through the advanced Internet technology and thoughtful customer service, help to find the ideal partner to find their own love, and in the community of in the free exchange and communication.

It is reported that

, search is a "home" service model, through a survey recently conducted by showed that 86% of unmarried people don’t want their parents to participate in their own emotional world, in most cases, they do not want to own emotional experience with family and friends to share, and the network matchmaker role in such circumstances play a role. It is understood that has a professional counseling service team, by virtue of the advantages of the network platform, there will be more people willing to reveal mind by telephone, QQ, and this time the matchmaker’s patience and service has become an important link.

reporter learned through observation, each user can easily browse the registered members of the query through the query information, including photos, personal circumstances and the introduction of the ideal object. Users can also through the latest addition to the advanced search function membership query, query, query, user area marriage case query and query and set different income conditions easily find their favorite object.

in order to ensure the quality of Web services, safeguard the interests of the members, the person said to reporters, "we added a member complaint area, if you find that other members are not true or cheating phenomenon, can this complaint, we will correspondingly reduce the member’s credit rating, until the final abolition of the membership the qualification."

if you want to publish their information in the, only need to apply for a registered member, you can publish the notices and declaration of love marriage to tens of thousands of members of the staff to remind the user to upload my best favorite photo, and carefully fill out personal information, this kind of marriage will make the success rate is greatly improved.

it is understood that due to the expansion of the online dating channel and improving, more and more excellent unmarried man and woman chose to find partners in the network, as the team continues to expand, how to let the vast sea of talent shows itself, someone found you as soon as possible, is to promote you to find a key factor of happiness marriage. "Then this >