technology news Beijing time on February 9th evening news, according to Yonhap reported last month, on the 12 day of the Lotte Group official flagship store full closure, this means that the online shopping market in fact from Chinese.

reported that the Lotte Group decided to transfer to the Han Army Sade anti missile system of land after the ill fated business in China, which involved, lingering suspicions. Yesterday, Le Tian group sources disclosed that Chinese in November last year the government of Le Tian security and tax check store in Shenyang, on December to suspend the development plan of the company to build a theme park in Shenyang, the project is expected in March this year will be re construction.

at the same time, the Ministry of foreign affairs at a regular press conference yesterday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said, as a rule, China welcomes foreign enterprises to invest in China, and the relevant business in China must be legal compliance. On the "Sade" problem, China is firmly opposed to South Korea in South Korea to deploy "Sade" anti missile system does not change the position of. (Li Nan)