on the Internet and friends exchange e-commerce talent topic yesterday, friends view is now the electricity supplier industry is the lack of strategic planning and brand of talent, not the basic operational aspects of talent". I very much agree with his point of view, my view is that the electricity supplier base operating personnel can develop quickly through the late business of high-end talent needs at least five years of experience is "to complete the transformation. As a concern and practice more than 8 years of business operations for the electricity supplier veteran, this one, have some of their own experience and insights to help business practitioners to better understand the business operation, to avoid detours, this platform to share something about B2C and the traditional brand B2C practical operation strategy and operation method of thought for everyone.

in order to help you better understand the concept of various types of B2C, first of all, to introduce their respective definitions. The B2C platform includes vertical category B2C (for example, red child, good music to buy, wheat bags, I bought the network, Jingdong, etc.) and comprehensive B2C (such as Dangdang, excellence, Taobao mall, intime, all passengers), these B2C platforms tend to maximize the size of the final win, listed as the ultimate goal of traditional; brand B2C (such as Lining, Carolina textile, Giordano, UNIQLO, etc.) generally refers to the traditional line with some well-known brands, in order to develop new sales channels, in order to carry out the business behavior, this kind of B2C pay more attention to the sales and profit targets, to expand the brand online and offline for the target user group


platform B2C practical gameplay Raiders:

platform B2C operators need to pay attention to, all of the operations need to focus on the brand as the core, brand building. According to the different stages of operation, master the operation rhythm, follow the easy to difficult operation strategy, and pay attention to the details, quickly find the problem, rapid response and timely adjustment.

first stage operation strategy strategy: on-line early survival (daily 100 single the following principles: (product) practicing internal strength of supply chain integration, user experience optimization, customer service and logistics running) brand prototype, the first stage operation strategy commonly used below


second stage operation strategy strategy: initial development period (average 500-1000 single) principle: increase portal hard wide investment, good brand promotion efforts, to achieve the scale of operation, the second stage operation strategy below


third stage operation strategy strategy: rapid development period (more than a single daily 5000) principle: brand maintenance, financial security, category and channel development, ERP logistics system and layout, third stage operation strategy below


is more than some of the basic operation strategy of platform type B2C, should pay attention to focus and target each stage of operation is not the same, need to be adjusted according to the operation situation of refinement, the platform itself is doing ;