Man proposes, God disposes. Sometimes, what has been done, but still failed. Tencent have invested with the electricity supplier who end up not too embarrassing but it is day, penguins in the fall defeat looks like a "decreed by fate" bitternessplay electricity supplier, but also hidden behind this drama essence: IM user is difficult to turn into interest resources.


Tencent electricity supplier does not learn to play with the user

"I fall into this, you still do not like every bomb out from the bottom of the penguin, Enron did move invariably turn, Tencent just launched QQ online shopping, pat Network will fall that have also paid attention to, but the so-called" price "is clearly not a grocery store to the Taobao the attractive, and the introduction of various types of businesses (crazy Tencent in order to attract a large number of businesses in 2006, has launched the" seller advertising fee "policy, but because of the lack of operational experience, the electricity supplier business internal competition is not harmonious) internal ecological problem but also the future of the Tencent and processing, finally become into electric dolls another boy boy.

was founded in 2005 2008 launched pat, QQ mall, Tencent is the electricity supplier can be described as a son for the father Penguin value. Tencent business resources are at the user resources and blossom everywhere, of course is also strong but it is self-evident, this is the middle of the bridge has been built up

why not?

if this one is out of the Tencent and its business circle, we can only see the Tencent hang electricity supplier to the free flow of large advertising, needless to say, but the IM community nature strong communication, is clearly on the nature of the electricity supplier is to rely on the interests of survival is not cold, not to mention the Internet would have been a advertising can be introduced into the flow of high time, users who have immunity to advertising can be said to have reached the top of the tree, it can keep the user or content".

We look at the Tencent

electricity supplier "content": the ratio of price than Taobao, than the genuine than Jingdong, is prone to website page links errors are also hard to promote good user experience with a Tencent, "has been imitated, never surpassed the hat still has become the domestic IM industry has the highest user the giant, but the interests of the electricity supplier directly copied but nowhere! One from abroad have no domestic imitation than in domestic imitation successfully and quickly, directly related to the interests of the product, the user wants to obtain the favor to fight is the" content ", there is no room for relaxation.

empty there is a cavity enthusiasm, electricity providers can not help a friend on the busy

Tencent has invested over electricity supplier: good music to buy, Gao Peng also didn’t get a good ending, however, the Tencent to cooperate or an advertising display, their children are not taught how to communicate with people, go out with another child must also become climate.

good music to buy the president had in 201>