Google may be interested in acquiring a well-known domain name registered vendor GoDaddy, because the patent has recently been submitted to show some intention Google. According to Google observation

reported that GoDaddy has a large number of patented technology, which is closely related to the search Google.

if Google has these new technologies and provides domain based search results, it will greatly improve its search level. In this way, the user can get better search results, because the search query is limited to a domain name.

previously, Google has been working with GoDaddy to cooperate in the domain name. Therefore, Google is likely to further, the acquisition of the well-known domain name registration agency. Obviously, if the acquisition is successful, GoDaddy will bring huge information data for Google, effectively improve its search technology, so that it becomes more powerful search. But so far, has not yet been two official proof or deny that the industry is only speculation that this possibility.