estimates Wangzhuan circles, many people open the Taobao store to make money selling things, because this thing is most likely to make people understand, now I to say, I do is make money drops, they will say, just knock on the mouse will be able to make money? So I said, I sell things online to make money. They can understand. Visible, Taobao shopping than the site to make money more popular, more convincing.

as the saying goes, a penny of goods. But Taobao shop estimated fear most is extrusion problem, because online shopping can not see the kind, whether you are a lot of things that Thor, people do not believe, so many new things, it is easy to squeeze down your things. I sold chrysanthemum seeds before, two similar varieties, but the price difference is very large, some people naturally choose lower prices. And then I thought, with a lower price of seeds, to send one or two chrysanthemum seeds. A grain of two natural not so effective, but can prove this seed, then they will find you have gifts, but I don’t give up, buy it yourself.

is another description of the goods, often shopping estimates that, if the price of two goods found the same, it will naturally choose to describe more detailed. Because if the description is not detailed, if there are some loopholes in the description of the buyers do not meet their requirements, instead of wasting time and asked the owner, as substitution. So I always try to put each commodity are long winded, photo shoot N, with detailed description language, not long, sales up.

logistics company to choose a good logistics, the last * * logistics, just put the bag the ten layer porcelain vase I smashed, nature is my compensation to the buyer, the loss told me, must find the responsible logistics company. At the same time remember to pack the goods themselves, but a few newspaper money, do not give up.

done above, basically is a qualified owner of Taobao, work harder, do not rush late million! Also remember my station Oh, look at it, and make the flow of advertising alliance click, is to do a little advertising, don’t be a stranger.