Tencent science and technology news on November 11th, the domestic female fashion electricity supplier mogujie.com announced that the company has exceeded eleven yuan transaction volume of one hundred million yuan, the completion of the previous booking targets. As of 0:00 on November 11th, the total turnover of mogujie.com platform reached 143 million yuan, is expected to be the whole of the "women’s Shopping Festival" will exceed 11.11 by 300 million.

at 0:00 on November 10th, mogujie.com opened the "11.11 women shopping festival", within 20 minutes of actual payment orders successfully exceeded 10 million, 12 noon break 50 million, and finally in the evening at 10:23, to achieve the goal of 100 million yuan in advance, the mobile terminal transactions accounted for more than 78.03%, the average single customer also exceeded 250 yuan.

mogujie.com said, in order to prepare for the double eleven, mogujie.com since mid September started the whole activity plan, not only the requirements of all applications for participation in the activities of more than 100 thousand items of strict quality inspection, and must also get the recommended three buyers at the same time, will be presented in front of consumers.