smart Mercedes Benz cars are the main mobile phone, iPhone flowers people, minus the highest free random…… In June 17th, flying for 618 on the first day of activities, the city more than more than 3 thousand millions of consumers who fly into the business alliance of shopping centers, department stores, supermarkets, holding a mobile phone excitedly at the scene by flying van APP in shake, draw, seckill activities, the scene bursting with popularity unusually hot.


10 in the morning Business Hours has just begun, the reporters came to Beijing to participate in a flying activity where 618 union shopping center, although still only working day on Friday, but the mall on the first floor of the hall has been filled to the crowd, a stick together with the scan code to download, read the information on the fly preferential van APP also, she had come to participate in "shake" to win awards, especially in the field of cool Benz smart nifty reminder of every consumer, "come fly where APP draw me"



offers, free single, surprise awards continue…… At the moment of the shopping center, every corner is full of Carnival passion, every where consumers seemed to be excited shopping shopping. The scene of a mother joy to reporters before the "shake hands" millet 5 mobile phone coupons, "when to shake can not believe this is winning, parked in the notice of the award page dare not move, afraid to move out, the staff told me that I was really won. Surprise call up, almost affect the baby’s stomach." She was excited to say that these two days to start the whole family to download the Fei Fan APP, hope that good pregnancy can bring them. Now her mobile phone himwith a big ticket to receive coupons, pocket money, today is not only to participate in activities, but also with the family shopping together, "the two day shopping, eating, watching movies are so cost-effective, must go to the store to experience."


a group of students just finished the college entrance examination together, is using the APP fan who snapped up the iMax version of Warcraft, 9.9 special ticket. "The end of exams like and friends together crazy one, did not think this activity has panic buying active movie tickets so cheap, or iMax field, we are very excited, certainly can not miss such a good chance!" the ticket you say you say me so cheap to grab was very excited. The scene of the theater staff to guide them to enter and introduce, where to buy a movie ticket with the fly APP, you can not take votes, directly open the movie ticket two-dimensional code, in the automatic gate machine to sweep on the line.


hot scene, not only reflected in the young, cool buy family, the scene can also be seen from time to time with the children come to the home of the three, Bao pa Mom