half a year later, the index is still declining to buy. The day before, group purchase navigation website issued "the first half of 2012 group purchase statistics report" data show that, with the beginning of the industry forecast target of 20 billion yuan year compared to 9 billion 800 million yuan in the first half of the total turnover is only barely run half, the number of group purchase website continue to reduce 20 to 2976. At the same time, the report shows that the group buying site from July this year have quietly changed, the industry gradually entered the era of Pan buy".

according to statistics group 800, the first half of this year, the domestic group purchase turnover increase of approximately 184%, the purchase of a 154% increase in passengers, to verify the business value of group purchase. But worrying is the consumer group purchase passion faded, and the first half of last year the average group purchase turnover compared to 37 thousand yuan, the first half of this year is only 14 thousand yuan, a single product group purchase "pricing power" fell sharply. The first half of last year the average group purchase 973 people buy, the first half of this year, only 327 passengers.

food and beverage, movie tickets are the most popular buy products. It is reported that the first half of the catering group purchase turnover reached about 4000000000 yuan, accounting for 40% of total sales. In the first half to buy movie tickets turnover of up to 800 million yuan.