YAHOO officially announced that Thompson resigned from CEO position


technology – Beijing morning news on May 14th, YAHOO officially announced that the company CEO Scott · Thompson (Scott Thompson) for education has a false statement will leave. The last 5 years, YAHOO has been replaced by 4 degrees CEO.

earlier this month, YAHOO announced that CEO Thompson has only Stonehill College accounting degree, without a degree in computer science. This inaccurate information appears in Thompson’s official resume and submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) documents. Thompson subsequently issued an open letter to his employees to apologize, but then he claimed that the matter should be attributed to the search company. The fabrication of academic credentials "caused a great disturbance, including Third Point, YAHOO shareholders called for the dismissal of Thompson. Under the weight of the YAHOO board of directors decided to finally make substitutions in this week.


global media executive Ross · Levin Thorne (Ross Levinsohn) will serve as interim CEO, director Fred · Amoroso (Fred Amoroso) will serve as the new chairman of the board of directors. Bostock, chairman of YAHOO’s current board of directors Roy · (Roy) agreed to immediately withdraw from the board of directors of Bostock.

Amoroso said in a statement: "the director was satisfied with the settlement of these adjustments, and Third Point, and believes that these initiatives is best for shareholders."

Thompson aged 54, in January this year as YAHOO CEO. He served as president of PayPal in early 2008, previously served as CTO (Chief Technology Officer), director of IT, product development and infrastructure. Prior to joining eBay, he worked in Visa’s technology company Inovant, and served as Barclay CIO (Barclays Global Investors) (CIO).

sells Asian assets

Thompson served as YAHOO CEO for only 4 months. YAHOO is still committed to working with Google and Facebook competition, and establish a long-term strategy to satisfy investors to reverse the stock price decline, and Thompson left the future of YAHOO once again call into question. YAHOO is still in negotiations with the parties concerned, trying to sell shares held by the 40% Alibaba group. YAHOO had tried to reach a complex transaction to avoid tax, but failed.

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of Macquarie Securities analyst; Schachter (Ben Schacter) said: "in what happened before, YAHOO is trying to find their own way, but this situation will make them in the jungle for many.