may, in a nurturing life is the dream of many people. Think that there is a husband who can afford to work out of their own good, and their full-time full-time wife at home. And I don’t think so, in my opinion, women also have their own life circle, have their own work. Otherwise, it is easy to get out of touch with society, and ultimately difficult to group.

but after I had a child, I had to give up a good job and start a full-time mother. Until the child in kindergarten, I can finally go to society. However, after returning to work, I found that I had lost the passion before marriage, the work is more difficult. Two years ago, skilled work skills, as well as a wealth of work experience, seems to have been played out.

this, I am very frustrated, but also become very self abased. Although her husband said I do not want to go out and just like children at home, but I still want to take advantage of young, how to go through some.

later learned in a stay-at-home mom mouth, she didn’t have to go out to work at home can be a monthly income of 8000. She let me change the stay-at-home mom’s view, the previous impression is just stay-at-home mom children eating and sleeping groups. But she can take care of the family, while working to earn money at home. I wonder how she works at home. She says there is only one computer + one cable.

depth understanding, only to know that she is doing Taobao, but she did not have to find their own supply of Taobao, but also do not have their own shipments, such a shop is indeed very suitable for full-time mother.

don’t ask don’t know, ask a jump. Originally, she is the baby shop software Taobao shop to achieve a monthly income of 8000. Then, she asked me to show out of her performance as well as a variety of advantages of the baby store.

first, supply stability. It is not possible to find a source to the market or the supermarket is so simple, especially for not too much time for full-time mother, to find the source and running around is unrealistic. The shop baby is a good way to make up for the lack of traditional shops, so that more people want to shop can easily set up shop. The massive high quality and stable supply, maternal and child products, clothing, food, digital products, is the first major advantage to the baby shop to novice shop.

second, on behalf of the freight agent management. The traditional way to shop, in addition to sourcing, but also for logistics and effort, after several twists and turns. The emergence of shop baby software, it is a good solution to the logistics problems. As long as the agent store baby software, you will be able to enjoy the function of automatic delivery, when there is an order, the shop will automatically ship baby, without manual operation. Offline can managed stores, the baby shop is so awesome.

third, low cost and low risk. What about the cost, I believe this is all want to shop people are concerned about the problem. Here, I can tell you very clearly, store baby shop costs in 600-800>