with the closing of the third session of the closing of the net goods trade in Chengdu, the scene of the hot atmosphere reached a climax. Because a lot of Taobao network operators began selling goods in special offer site exhibition, million people panic buying scene the atmosphere of the network trade fair climax. According to the rough statistics, more than 80 thousand people and 3 network traffic. Among them, more than 500 exhibitors, Taobao sellers reached 30 thousand people.

in order to control the flow, all participants must be registered before the site can enter. Even so, there are still a lot of visitors were temporarily blocked outside the venue. In a pile of plush toys in the exhibition area, full of people come to Taobao. However, the boss replied: "I’m sorry, this does not sell." Rong source are Home Furnishing company from the Xiamen Promotion Commissioner Fang Limei face excitedly said, "before we don’t think the atmosphere will be so hot. No way, because the goods are limited, we can only suspend the sale of goods on the handle to stay in store display."

the same situation in yesterday’s exhibition site abound. Although there is a long time for the distance, sell taobao.com goods sleep easy health care pillow exhibition will have to face the embarrassment of "advance and retreat". "We brought products have all been sold out, this is the last two." Looking at the rest of the health of the hands of the pillow, the Taobao seller can not agree.