in Beijing on April 22, 2014 at 0 in the morning, millet officially opened a new domain name, before the spelling domain name has automatically jump to the new domain name The millet in the domain name while the official website for a new revision, the new site level clearer, more electricity supplier to do the taste.

but after the replacement of the domain name, some friends broke the news, suggesting that the current web site by Kingsoft cloud security center identification is millet mobile phone official website using the cheetah browser open, through imitation of the official website of millet to cheat your property or account information, to avoid property damage to you, please visit the official website of the real ". In this case, netizens dubbed "from the same root, fratricidal".


but before the draft, when the view did not appear this problem should be resolved in a timely manner.

and the opening of the domain name, Lei Jun in micro-blog laments that "the domain name thief expensive, is estimated Chinese in the history of the Internet’s most expensive domain name!", visible millet in order to get domain name, also put a huge. domain name compared to the previous domain name, shorter, easier to remember, but also more conducive to the internationalization of millet.

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