interviewed experts

Zhao Ping, deputy director of the Department of Consumer Economics Research Institute of Ministry of Commerce

Cai Chang, director of the Department of Taxation and financial management, Central University of Finance and Economics,

Li Guangqian research center of the State Council Development Research Center researcher

reporter Zhao Zhifang trainee reporter

in May 5th, the State Administration of Taxation issued "on the adhere to the tax law to better serve the economic development of opinions" that many shop operators heavy-hearted "business tax" rumors finally come to an end. From the views of the specific content of view, the electricity supplier of the general tax will not come immediately, has been accustomed to enjoy such a super tax incentives crown sellers who can be relieved. Previously, including Beijing, Guangxi, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong, Shenzhen and other coastal provinces and cities nationwide, the main tax authorities have been interviewed within the jurisdiction of the business enterprise, the electricity supplier taxed a time for the rumors all over the country the size of electric call "wolf".

it is not difficult to see that the government’s attitude towards the treatment of electricity supplier taxation tends to be cautious, so the general tax on electricity providers will be suspended for a period of time, which will give the electricity supplier to further increase the development of a more relaxed environment. However, this buffer period will last long? What are the effects of tax on electricity suppliers will give this industry? In this regard, China Economic Times reporter interviewed the experts and business taxation, to answer the above questions.

electricity supplier tax is only a matter of time

China Economic Times: industry experts and scholars generally believe that the electricity supplier tax is inevitable, just a matter of time, how do you see?

Zhao Ping: at present, from the perspective of the whole country’s economic development, the rule of law is the trend of the times, any one field or group can not be above the law. In the economic field, the role of law is to maintain a good environment for fair competition.

in the past 10 years, the speed and size of the electricity supplier has been rapid development and growth, can be said to have achieved brilliant results. But with the gradual fall Internet plus "policy, the electricity supplier and the store is integrated, its boundaries are increasingly blurred, absolutely not the electricity supplier taxation is almost nonexistent. In this case, the rules of the real economy is also applicable to the field of e-commerce. In addition, with the gradual expansion of the scale, the electricity supplier in China’s economic development has played an important role, is no longer the "vulnerable groups" and require special policy support groups, should be the same and other businesses in the real economy, operation and competition in the same market rules. Therefore, I think the electricity supplier tax is inevitable, just a matter of time.

Cai Chang: electricity supplier tax itself is not a problem, because the electricity supplier is a business organization, corporate body, it has profitability, so it is the taxpayer.

Li Guangqian: the tax should not be viewed from the whole process of e-commerce development