in extensive network Beijing on July 20th news according to voice of the economy, the "world" reported that President Zhang Xiaobo fonghong Media Co. Ltd. is a little angry recently, because their company clerk found some books dealers from the electronic commerce website to buy books, and then return to the publisher to make a profit. Zhang Xiaobo denounced the book dealers on micro-blog, and exclaimed: "the world is crazy".


dealer return trick

book dealer from the electricity supplier there purchase, and then returned to the press, so buy a back end can earn what money? In fact, this is the electricity supplier and distributors in the book publishers to get discounts do not result in the same. Insiders explained that a Book of 10 dollars, the publisher to the electricity supplier discount is 50 percent off, to the dealer is 30 percent off. Then the dealer from the electricity supplier hand 5 dollars to buy books, 7 dollars back to the press, can easily earn two dollars in price.

it is understood that the dealer from the hands of the electricity supplier to buy books in two ways: one is directly from the electricity supplier where the wholesale, and the other is a large number of electricity supplier in the low price promotions. Now, the dealer’s return rate is generally more than 20%, some even up to 60%.

, however, the dealer would like to return it can be returned to the publishing industry, publishers generally allow dealers to return according to market conditions. Changjiang literature and Art Publishing House vice president Li Bo said, there are three kinds of books sales, sales, distribution and reimbursement. Which should not be returned to the distribution of the way, but because dealers can now return, and the first to sell books, and then give money to sell the way there is no difference.

Li Bo: general practice in the 5-6 fold between, but on this basis, some publishers are not the same, the traditional press to a higher point, 38% off, 37% off, etc.. There are some new private companies may be given a little lower, such as 42% off 45% off. In the business activities should be in three forms, sale, distribution, underwriting. Consignment is the supplier to the seller, is not the money, to determine a deadline for the end of the account. Distribution is based on the supply of goods provided by the vendor reported a number, distribution can not be returned, there is a Book period, account period to the account can not be returned. A look at this book seller underwriting good storytellers to others, don’t, I’ll give you a bag. Now the bookstore basically take the consignment and distribution, but also can return the distribution, basically no distribution of this one, are all agents. Delivery time is the supplier delivery costs, return the seller to pay the return fee, nothing more than.

industry analysis, the emergence of such a phenomenon, with the publishing industry increasingly deteriorating business environment. The electricity supplier uncontrolled book price war, resulting in a series of one of the main reasons of chaos. In recent years, in addition to Dangdang and Amazon’s two book giants, Jingdong, Suning, shop No. 1, Tencent, Tmall and other electricity providers have also joined the book sales, price war. Most of the time, they even push the price down the press