in principle, the non professional site, 3000IP below, it is difficult to make money, rely on traffic to make money, but also a month 500-1000. income. But many webmaster friends also want to step on the Internet to make the journey. Let me talk about my idea:

      1 if your site is not going to continue to do it, do not intend to go on for a long time, but the search source, to these flows and users squandered, then pick the 3-4 alliance. Crazy hanging ads, home page to jump out of the banner, the temptation to link, as well as off the pop-up. Because it is not too much content of the site, often linked to the Baidu search, and Google search effect is good, because users can not find what they want on your site, so that the search will be more,  there are a few clicks can be linked to the ad, although a little rubbish, but can afford this fleeting flow, Qihoo mop bolaa. More minor league reference

      3 if you are ready to run the site for a long time, so pay attention to the user experience. Advertising recommend the first, for the Google Advertising application address: general domestic advertising page mode is more, the effect may be better,


      the 4 page analysis flow, the best is the analysis of Web log, determine some high traffic flow page according to the type of concrete, for example, I have a website in /sjls.htm found that every search "mobile phone ringtones" over 200 IP,   if the 200 IP release GG, and other advertising, is obviously a waste, I put a mobile phone ringtone like advertising, one day can have 30 pieces of income. Put the other, no 3. The walk class, or a few 7town Zhangxiu, 91ivr, because the effect is not good, so we will do some of the.

  Taobao or click the search advertising, Yahoo can survive in, software download, and other sites, can do the golden hill poison bully alliance, wps. In addition, there are a few small clicks in the alliance.

      5 the current domestic union is a very general landslide. Don’t expect too much. 3000 IP personal website, how will the 3000