"Internet technology ten years ago can be free, but today the Internet business also rely on free would be suicide." March 31st, at the 2013 China (Shenzhen) IT Leadership Summit, Ma Yun said.

pointed out that today, many people use IT technology, but the level of management and thinking is still in the last century. Gave him a machine gun but a stick. So it appears today, e-commerce is still in the bargain price, instead of creating value. We rely on today to get free Internet market is a dead end, the Tencent, Baidu, Ali will help you achieve in advance. (Huiyang)


: Alibaba group chairman of the board of directors Ma Yun (speed transit network plan)

"if you can’t make your dream come true, you will become a fantasy, a complaint, a complaint. I have seen the most people are complaining about, today the world is the same, all people feel that the community is full of problems, all the problems are other people’s problems, with their little relationship is not. The dream is true, but you have to do it.

– "Ma Yun: big business to have small as small businesses to have a big dream" (a financial network March 31, 2013)

"I think we can be very poor, but can not do without future ideas, can not hope for the future. Freshness is too important, in fact many people insist on a so-called dream, the dream always fresh to their team, they Gangzhu, you keep on the inside to mining, I feel fresh to myself, to give you all the service people have different things."

– Ma: adhere to the dream needs fresh (speed transit network January 6, 2013)

Alibaba currently accounts for about 5% of China’s retail sales, within the next five years, even in the conservative view, China’s retail sales will be completed by the network of 30%."

, "IPO said China Ma joke e-commerce development will accelerate" (Tencent finance March 28, 2013)

"we have invested a lot of money, but not lucky enough, not too much innovation. In terms of innovation, Alibaba as Tencent, they have a strong WeChat." He believes that Alibaba’s response, including mergers and acquisitions and recruitment of more manpower".

– Ma Yun: don’t call me Ali Empire (Sohu technology March 21, 2013)

"no money no team has to rely on the relationship. I Never mind, there is no money, I was a little bit, I believe that the relationship is not reliable, do not do business with business relationship, not by smart, the most important business is that you understand what the customer needs, real value creation, stick to it. The most unreliable thing in the world is relationship! "

– "Ma: the most unreliable relationship is" (the state power grid in 2013.