recently, the reporter learned that the Shenzhen City Stars Agel Ecommerce Ltd in its official micro mall price mall launched the "top price", claiming that "find friends top price, 1 dollars can buy iPhone 6".

reporter visited the activities to participate in the rules, it is very simple, as long as the right to choose the goods at random, and then invited a friend free price, the top price success, the success of the purchase. However, reporters are skeptical of such a rule: obviously, micro mall is the price in peibenzhuanyaohe, spend so big price to attract users, emboldened what? The existence of false propaganda to deceive consumers?


in order to give consumers a clear answer, so that consumers from false propaganda trap, the reporter entered the micro price mall, a first-hand experience. Following, the reporter results:

activities involved in difficult

micro mall home that presents the details of the event, set out the way to participate in the top price and friends. As long as the price is reasonable, any price can be successfully purchased in the micro mall.


official community drying list, is it true?

reporter through the micro price public number mtstar51 into its official community, see is that most users successfully bought cheap goods, have to spend 2001 yuan to buy iPhone 6, there are 3000 yuan to buy Apple computer, there are some users the top price of success in the urge to ask what time can receipt. After a random contact with reporters drying single user, confirmed to be successful in the purchase of real users.


peibenzhuanyaohe, emboldened what


according to a rough estimate of the industry, the price of the micro and micro level activities offer millions, price is a company founded shortly, where emboldened


reporter was informed that the micro price is not the "two rich generation" and "nouveau riche company". Micro price founder senior Internet business background, has been communicated to the outside world is the idea of "offer more money", this activity is to allow consumers to experience, micro price accept all bids of consumers, consumers must have traded goods for less than the price of any platform.


More than

, the reporter results. Investigation by the reporter and other inquiries, the top price of micro price successfully arouse consumer desire to purchase, also makes many consumers get unexpected benefits, even the electricity supplier counterparts are on the micro price concessions deeply admire the sincerity.

want to participate in the consumer, you can enter the micro price Mall ( experience.