the annual double 11 war, means that the courier industry annual season; and this year’s season, is expected to witness the historic moment Chinese express industry: business volume surpassed the United States to become the world’s first.


national post office data show that last year, the national courier service enterprises above Designated Size totaled 9 billion 190 million, up to the size of the world’s second; business revenue totaled $144 billion 170 million.

National Post Office recently released, as of October 20th, in 2014 the National Express Service Enterprises above the scale of total business volume has exceeded 10 billion nodes". It is expected that this year, double 11 during the National Express business volume will be more than 500 million pieces. With the double 11, double 12, Christmas, new year’s day, the arrival of the traditional online shopping peak, is expected this year, the national courier business volume will be more than 12 billion, or even close to 14 billion.

statistics show that in 2013 the U.S. express business volume of about 10 billion, in recent years, the average increase of 7%-8% in the next year, is expected to express business volume of about 11 billion in 2014. Not surprisingly, this year China will surpass the United States to express the scale of the world’s largest.

from 1 billion to 10 billion pieces, only used for about 8 years, especially since March 2011, the cumulative volume of business has been an average of more than 44 consecutive months, an increase of more than 50% – China Express has become a dark horse in the national economy.

express industry in the rapid development, and the formation of mutual promotion of online shopping, support each other, becoming a major highlight of China’s economic development. Online shopping has just started, compared to information and payment platform, logistics delivery is short board. The courier industry through reform and innovation, to adapt to market demand, supporting the continuous online shopping, the latter’s market size increased from about 30000000000 yuan in 2006 to $1 trillion and 850 billion in 2013.

reporter learned that the major courier companies have been ready for this year’s double 11. STO added straight run vehicle shipments to the Yangtze River Delta and other areas of greater Beijing, and according to the "double 11" hair estimate to adjust the transport center, a high level of area to ensure goods timely diversion. Rhyme express based on the whole network the original transport vehicles and personnel, and through various channels to reserve more than 1 thousand vehicles and more than 1 delivery personnel, in order to meet the express transport and delivery.

industry insiders pointed out that, although the scale is considerable, but the Chinese express delivery of gold, the level of modernization of the industry, such as the United States and other developed countries there is a significant gap. To make express power truly become courier power, but also need to pay more efforts.