if it is to take the legitimate channels manufacturers or agents, the network price 25% off has reached the profit and loss point.

in this era of god horse are bought, has always insisted that only the counter to buy the right goods, cosmetics have fallen!

Since the

website promises to support the inspection counter, watching reporters with a group purchase of cosmetics reverie, the selection of the 6 group purchase cosmetics website (bought together net heat round show beautiful VC group, beautiful group) bought 7 pieces of product group purchase as a test, and get to the mall counter inspection, they found. In addition to a OLAY sample, other products are not considered a problem is not.

many buy site will admit: support counter inspection. Some sites do make out, shouting: we encourage you to counter inspection! However, reporters detection of several products, not a delivery with external package, and most counters and no corresponding products, not simply to verify. For having heard it many times international brand products, like many counters cannot be verified, and most of the group purchase website, Australia, Britain, South Korea is more of an imported brand, many have never heard of, nor the mall counters.

cosmetics buy tempting technique is very simple: low. For example, Dior, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Shiseido, Avene and other big names as low as 88% off, the low price of brand samples to sell, there are many rare domestic so-called foreign brands super low price temptation. Website big genuine banner, a large number of users to buy a variety of games seem to have made it "". A lot of group purchase website will group purchase "samples", CHCEDO city manager Yang Weisen said the credibility of samples is relatively high, because the sample is not counter sale products, sales channels to control is not strict, more likely to network. But it does not mean that the sample on the fly. The reader Chen Xiaowen broke the news, he had a Dior group purchase colored lipstick, even above the origin, production date are not, feel no effect, "should be fake". However, is it possible to lower prices, which depends on the sources of online goods.

, according to Yang Weisen introduction, non brand proprietary online cosmetics may have four sources:

1 with brand manufacturers or dealers to take goods, and then to the online sale, which is a formal channel.

2 chuanhuo. General brand will control the number of shipments in various regions of the country. For example, the products in Heilongjiang’s sales in Guangzhou, the industry called "Chuanhuo", can get experience in the enterprise.

3 from Hongkong, Europe and the United States, Japan and other regions of the purchase, but it is difficult to verify the authenticity of this channel.

4 fakes.

Yang Weisen estimates that the network of cosmetics sales, only about 60% are genuine (in fact the number of how many, many people in the industry.