in 2009, China’s network consumption boom, showing amazing vitality, the consumer market has become a prominent bright spot.

people’s spending habits are quietly changing. More and more people in the purchase of large commodities before going online to get information, network consumption from books, electronic products, such as the relative standardization of goods to clothing, home accessories, food and other personalized products.


survey shows that in 2009 due to the impact of the international financial crisis caused by the uncertainty of income is expected to exist, led directly to young consumers to find cheaper goods on the Internet, it has become one of the reasons of network consumption is more and more popular.

, according to the Ministry of Commerce, online shopping in the first three quarters of 2009 reached $168 billion 900 million, an increase of more than 90%, is expected to reach more than $260 billion a year. This growth rate is much higher than the growth rate of the total retail sales of social consumer goods.

in the first half of 2009, C2C e-commerce platform Taobao turnover reached 80 billion 900 million yuan, an increase of more than the same period last year, the number of registered users more than doubled to reach 145 million.

B2C commercial website to accelerate the pace of expansion of the department store industry. Besides, the online bookstore Amazon and started earlier in the retail mall, Jingdong, such as red children late B2C mall is to expand the online shopping category, stepping up to the comprehensive shopping mall transformation, in order to expand the category of driving sales growth.

The strong growth of

network consumption has also attracted a series of consumer brands, such as Lenovo, UNIQLO and other well-known brands, have set up an online store in the Taobao online, in order to attract more consumers rely on online shopping.

single from the figures, the current share of Internet consumption in China’s total retail sales of consumer goods in the proportion of only 1% to 2%, but its huge growth potential has attracted more and more entrepreneurs to join them, the more widespread concern of the whole society.

online shopping, which is characterized by rapid and trendy, not only explores the potential of consumers, but also provides employment opportunities for young people. To shop in the form of entrepreneurial advantage is very obvious, the low cost of inventory and store expenses, sales area is not restricted and other advantages, attracting a lot of college graduates have just joined the tide of online business start-up.

Yiwu is China’s small commodity export distribution center, Yiwu Institute of industry and Commerce opened the Taobao class, the school guide students how to open online stores and gain profit, the student’s sales record can even be credit.

some experts believe that the potential of large online shopping crowd, the growth of domestic online shopping space is very large, especially the growth of the two or three line of the city will be more rapid. With the logistics, payment and other ancillary services more perfect, the use of e-commerce and enterprises will be more and more. At the same time, the network users are younger, 16 – to 32 year old users accounted for up to 83% of this