in July 7th, Hisense released the 4K 3820*2160 TV in Paris, as its name has been written, its biggest feature is the resolution reached a maximum, so hard indicators have reached the mainstream level of large screen tv. Hard index standard, the actual performance, in the living room can be all-weather use? 4K laser TV because of its large size, is not possible everywhere, the 4K laser TV pulled in front of the media in the September 2nd Hisense, let the media close observation.


4K Hisense laser theater tasting in a cafe, to watch TV, this is not an ideal environment, the outside sunlight affects the performance of TV, and tasting the light through the windows to direct on 4K laser tv. However, this environment is closer to the living room to use the environment, and even worse, the windows and doors in the home is generally 45° light; into the screen, which will bring challenges to Hisense 4K laser tv.


theoretically, 4K video is a large screen 4K the best content, 4K content, ARRI Alexa last year is still a shortage of 65 officially became a IMAX digital camera, but today is still not a movie filmed entirely by Alexa 65, IMAX earlier had from many movies clips a promo shot based on Alexa 65. Capital intensive film industry is also unable to issue a real 4K movie today, the number of 4K content produced by other industries naturally scarce, the quality is only able to respond to the "ha ha" two words.


(Hisense 4K laser TV lens, with both sides of the human body sensor, when it was found that someone close will reduce the projection brightness, in order to prevent laser damage to the human eye)

and high-resolution photos but is best at the present stage, experience 4K big screen in Shanghai, tasting invitation to Chen Haiying for its 4K laser television endorsement. Who is Chen Haiying, I believe a lot of dogs and dogs are recognized, but not necessarily the general consumer awareness, he is the president of the Photographic Society of Tsinghua University, China National Geographic magazine photographer. Perhaps the title for defining a photography level is too vague, it can recall last year, the network spread a group can see Beijing city clean air and energy of the image, which is taken by Chen Haiying. In tasting he took Beijing, the Arctic, the United States and photographs, presented by 4K laser tv.


(Hisense 4K screen laser TV show Chen Haiying photos, watching the scene can feel color photos over the natural, no obvious color overflow, but also through the 4K and the big screen experience out of the screen details, because Chen Haiying photos were spread widely, and you may wish to screen photographs and network original photos.