[Abstract] Zhang Jindong pointed out that Suning hope to do the physical industry and Internet companies interface.


technology news (Wang Pan) August 10th, Su ningyun Group Chairman Zhang Jindong attended the first Internet plus retail "Zijin summit and delivered a keynote speech.

Zhang Jindong said Suning’s goal is to create an Internet retail highway for partners.

Zhang Jindong said that the Internet will be like sunlight, air and water, as the penetration of various industries. Traditional industries in the transition process will encounter some difficulties, but eventually landing.

Zhang Jindong pointed out that Suning want to do the physical industry and Internet companies interface. Entity partners, through Suning interface, you can direct Internet users; and Internet partners, through the Internet interface, direct access to traditional businesses.

Zhang Jindong said that Suning in the process of achieving these goals, made a lot of layout. Including:

first, Suning Internet platform will be used to finance the cloud, to provide financial services for partners;

two, Suning redefined the channel, which can access to the user’s point is the channel;

three, Su Ningyun shop, become a place of interaction between people and goods, goods and application scenarios;

four, electrical appliances, maternal and child, overseas goods, Suning stores, PC, mobile, TV port can be freely combined.

following Zhang Jindong speech record:

in the past ten years, Baidu, Ali, Tencent as the representative of a number of Internet companies to promote the development of the Internet Chinese alongside the world. Now we put forward Internet plus, because of the popularization of Internet technology, with the upgrading of mobile Internet, the future will come from the blue ocean increment and the depth of integration of Internet and the real enterprise. Therefore, the next ten years, I believe that with the addition of Wanda and Suning such a traditional enterprise, the Internet technology grafting of traditional industries Internet plus era will be the emergence of a number of outstanding new Internet companies.


Internet plus has become a well recognized outlet, many companies have launched their own APP, began to build information team; but I think we all know only that is not enough, how to let the enterprise real Internet and the depth of integration, some still haunt you, even now there is a new the term is called "Internet anxiety". In fact, Suning has been confused and troubled, and with Suning O2O retail model matures, we have begun to harvest. In the first half of this year, an increase of 105% Suning online, mobile terminal accounted for up to a total of 55%, opened the O2O retail straight acceleration.

therefore, I’d like to take this summit today, all these years of accumulated experience and resources to share with you, hope to build a highway leading to the Internet plus, help more traditional enterprises to enter the Internet, less tuition, less detours.