TV 11.11 Carnival fourth shot! Buy a 65 inch OLED TV to send 65 inch UHD TV, OLED TV to buy a 55 inch 55 inch UHD TV Kui Hui feast struck more than three years, three years warranty, free on-site installation and video Tencent member luxury gift Carnival delivery in 11.11, as hitherto unknown consumers send big concessions



as a universal shopping carnival, the 11.11 major brands of the military has become a hotly contested spot. For many TV brands, the day’s sales even on the annual sales are playing a vital role. So every 11.11, the brands have resorted to for sales and exhaust all the skills, but the marketing strategy innovation win head broken and bleeding, only by surprise, to help the brand talent shows itself in the war.

is known for its good hardware, good content and good brand of PHILPS "three TV", in signing the international movie star Ms. Lin Chiling as brand ambassador after 11.11 year not only launched 65 inch TV to buy a gift of a huge benefit to the feast, more creatively by the 11.11 day extension for half a month, can not only avoid with many brands in the fight hand to hand with the same day into a melee, also enable consumers to enjoy 11.11 preferential price at the same time, but also have plenty of time to choose love models, so the real win-win.


from October 26th started early 11.11 preferential Carnival first shot, after the November 1st November 4th start seckill single product, black and white appliances big promotion for two days, until the November 7th "PHILPS big day" grand opening announcement, PHILPS TV officially started the 11.11 preferential Carnival fourth gun, and said, this time PHILPS "three TV" "together with MS. Lin Chiling Poser". As a hundred years from the Royal brand in Europe, PHILPS TV is the television industry international big; the same as both talent and beauty of the star, MS Lin Chiling is undoubtedly the big international film and television industry. When the big name encountered big, but also let this play big industry concern.


it is understood that PHILPS in the "big day", in addition to PHILPS TV launched the "fly with all enjoy eight gifts of great feedback, launched 55PUF6056/T3, 50PUF6061/T3, 49PUF6056 three 4K high-definition smart TV, and a variety of Ambilight TV models, with super affordable premium price and rich gifts come to Poser". PHILPS 4K point, Ambilight Hwan new innovative technology has been welcomed by consumers, the "good TV + super discount price + Gift" mode "Poser", is a window of opportunity to buy "big" for consumers.