recently someone to find me to buy space

asked me to help him with some more IIS

I answered and told him that I have a good relationship with you to help you add a little more people come to my relationship with him and give him a little more IIS

is not the same as you lost it   the last benefit is damaged by your   you say right

you started building

traffic is certainly not too much to use IIS

and so you really can not afford the space you have access to the user

do you believe you have a certain amount of traffic,


to a certain extent you still afraid of no money to earn

did you have enough money to worry about not enough space to use

you can spend money on upgrading the IIS upgrade space capacity

wait for you to earn a certain amount of money   you are looking for me to buy space in search of my upgrade space

is like a snowball getting bigger and bigger

when you earn money to buy a server,   you are looking for me to buy a server to host

so we don’t expect too much at the beginning of   the foundation is better down-to-earth to make money fast