e-businessmen in the festival, visitors are visiting a children’s clothing sales network exhibition.

to open a shop, earn a little money, this has become a part of many people’s lives. At present China who are in open shop? The day before, Chinese Center for social research and development of Peking University and Alibaba jointly issued the first network of "who" in the open shop, "the shop owner group deep secret". The report shows that nearly 7 of the shop owners are part-time open shop, and from the geographical point of view, the number of stores in the East is significantly higher than the western region.

where people love to open shop in Eastern than in the western

network?According to Alibaba

released data show that as of the first half of 2012, the number of network operators China has more than 8300 million, more than 214 million people nationwide to meet the demand of online shopping. So in the end where people like to open shop?


report shows that the shop in most provinces and cities concentrated in the eastern coastal province of Guangdong, where the number of shop first in the country, accounting for 20.32% of the total number of the shop, and shop in Zhejiang followed, accounted for 11.97% of the total national shop. In the western provinces, Sichuan appears to have a special liking to open shop, shop number way ahead in the western provinces, accounted for 3.82% of the total national shop, ranked second in Gansu Province, up 1.63 percentage points, while the number of most of the western provinces accounted for a percentage of the total number of the shop is less than 1%, far behind the eastern region, shows the level of e-commerce development in eastern and western regions still have a large gap.

not only that, the report also on the shop owner who conducted a comprehensive analysis of the specific circumstances and found that 90% of the owners are living in the town, accounting for an absolute majority. In the shop owner, the proportion of men to open a shop slightly higher, accounting for 54.2%, this data is beyond the expectations of many people. From the age point of view, the main shop in 1981 -1994 was born in the year of the crowd, accounted for more than 80% shop owners in the general population, and in the main shop, there are more than 90% of the population with high school education or above, there are 60% people with higher education.

which people love to open shop?

nearly 7 adults are part time

in the shop owner of the region after the analysis, the report of the shop owner’s professional characteristics were analyzed. The report shows that in a large number of shop owners, only 30.4% of people are really open shop as their own work and career, while the remaining nearly 70% of them are part-time. In the part-time open shop in the crowd, 37.3% of the population is urban white-collar workers, which is currently the main shop in one of the largest groups; 6.3% were students, 6% of people are at home full-time wife, and 0.8% of the people are farmers at home people.

it is understood that these part-time open shop, some people out of interest, >