e-commerce in recent years, the Internet industry is raging like a storm. Recently, the media exposure of the Dyson mail revealed a professional B2B search engine for the development of electronic commerce needs a hundred responses to a single call market of small and medium-sized enterprises, launched the first professional navigation product concept, set up the first domestic professional, leading to a "small and medium-sized enterprise product sales procurement, supply and demand information navigation of the first platform of network marketing mode, is the electronic business process is a big step forward, beginning after the age of electronic commerce.

current, B2B industry tends to network platform development. The traditional B2B website for the majority of enterprises to provide a simple e-commerce platform, the formation of the network transaction bridge. It speeds up the process of all aspects of business activities, such as reducing the error rate, reduce operating costs, so as to realize the electronization of the whole trade activity more enterprises.

but with the explosive growth of e-commerce platform, prompting B2B market competition intensifies. The traditional B2B website is difficult to adapt to the development needs of the market, which means that B2B e-commerce should not only have high attainments in technology, but the key is to business and management of enterprises are quite rich in theory and experience, provide accurate network marketing plan for the enterprise, which has become the inevitable trend of future development of B2B commerce industry.

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era, the whole supply chain can be divided into a single channel and a link to realize the centralized and intelligent decision making. Collection and management of commodity information through the network, each node can be virtuous cycle, a comprehensive optimization of social resources and corporate costs. The traditional B2B is just "give it to fish", and the latter is "to teach people to fish, but also to teach people to fish".

is the professional navigation products a hundred responses to a single call "B2B+ search" after the new innovative new e-commerce model, platform will provide product information navigation, professional vertical precision for business users, which is related to supply and demand information, product information and product suppliers on the downstream supply procurement information of precise vertical navigation information. Professional products online navigation has become a hundred responses to a single call to promote sales of products of small and medium-sized enterprises, improve sales performance of the most effective sales tool and the most reliable new e-commerce platform.