According to Agence France-Presse, Washington Post

quoted 27 news, the U.S. electricity supplier giant Amazon on the part of staff launched a 30 hour work week project, under normal circumstances, the Amazon work for 40 hours a week, and take 30 hour work colleagues salary will be reduced by 25%.

Amazon will allow more than a dozen part-time employees to shorten the working hours to 30 hours, while only pay a salary of 75%. However, Amazon will provide benefits to these employees.

Amazon said, at present the 30 hour work only in a team involved in a computer system of trial operation, the Amazon official said the staff background of diversification, the traditional 40 hours of full-time work does not necessarily apply to all people, 30 hours is a good try.

in addition, if employees feel 30 hour salary under some less, can also apply for the 40 hour work.

Amazon is not the only company that wants to shorten the length of its employees. However, Amazon may be the largest company to do so.

, for example, Treehouse CEO, a technology education company, in Ruian, Carlson (Ryan Carson), found that after taking a 32 hour workweek, employees became happier and more productive (·). Carlson’s idea is that forcing employees to work 40 hours a week is not humane.

last year, "New York Times" reported that in the Amazon need to adapt to this often work 80 hours a week of rhythm, Thanksgiving will all day long meeting, and most evenings or weekends also have to work overtime at home. Amazon employees often cry in the office. Amazon treat employees like robots, and even forthrightly said the next few years will use real robots to replace workers now. Amazon’s U.S. employees have said that the company is a place where there is a sense of masochism brush.

and the new 30 hour working system is probably to quell criticism from all walks of life.