as everyone knows, WeChat is hot, let each of the businesses and users to mobile phone in a heartbeat, end a piece, all kinds of soft paper, articles, news reports made a number of million micro business, buy a car today tomorrow to buy a house, this is like the stock, Amoy

Bao, Internet, so there really are so easy to earn money? And who is able to make money in the mobile phone terminal? Today, to help you analyze the micro business for individual users whether money let Illinois network.


micro channel operator

1, WeChat’s Micro circle of friends: usually familiar with the general default refers to the circle of friends of WeChat’s ads, this is the most convenient, the most simple, everyone can carry out the operation, but the circle of friends to send advertising also has disadvantages: first ad

The effect of

only in themselves as friends of people, second people can set at your circle of friends, directly blocked; so the narrow range of advertising: do not say, but also easy to be friends masked, others do not see your circle of friends advertising information.

2, micro mall, micro shop: through PC terminal to find support for micro mall site for users, micro shop opened, this is a typical representative of the East, but relative to the general user, the East threshold is high, so you can only find those who do not

well-known micro shop side, micro mall site opened, and then imported into the circle of friends inside, two-dimensional code everywhere hair, still have to use the circle of friends.

3, WeChat public number: the public number of subscription number and service number, subscription number everyone can apply and operate, service enterprises and the media can only, so that most ordinary users and can only operate subscription number for the promotion, but this is limited to

already know the friend network operations, network promotion, but they are from a personal blog, since the media, micro-blog on the transfer platform, whether new platform can operate, so very ordinary, no network promotion experience with

users are still unable to operate.

4, mobile phone website: the original website, enterprise website, blog and other media into the existing mobile phone terminal site, this need itself is the site of the premise, has a certain user base, there are certain technical webmaster to operate

, compared to ordinary users: higher threshold.

5, mobile phone APP: the higher threshold point, a good APP must have programming support, even now there are many online website, so relative to individual users, but also more difficult, technical maintenance, promotion is

has a certain threshold, large and medium-sized Internet companies may be able to do faster and better.

who is making money

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