thank you for the love of the youDay alliance, youDay come up with this period and pre profits, the new year activities 2007-12-6 to 2008-01-10, thank you for your support!   activity 1: cooperative bonus Youday Wi Fi day settlement; tax free; free of charge; make sure you earn more than $8% in revenue! According to the actual daily income of independent ID based: full 50 yuan to 200 yuan, the income back to 2% as a bonus of           full 200.10 yuan to 500 yuan, the income back to 4% as a bonus up to 500.10 yuan and 1800 yuan, the return of income 5% as a bonus of up to 1800.10 yuan and 3800 yuan, the day back to 6% as a bonus income over 3800.10 yuan more than 7800 yuan, the return of income over 7800.10 yuan more than 7% as a bonus, the income back to 8% as a bonus note: 1 every Friday, six, day income on Monday agreed to pay, bonus standard calculated according to the actual daily income. 2 independent ID no cumulative accounting, such as your daily income of 3000 yuan, then the amount of reward: 3000*7%=210 yuan. The prize amount and income are paid on the next day. 3 minimum settlement standard is full of 100 yuan payment. 4 the deadline for this event is 2008 01, 10.   activity 2: recommend the site to earn commission Youday to ensure that the cooperative website earn more than 8% of the income! Would you recommend a new website youDay, is to help your friends to earn income, but also earn their commission: would you recommend the site is currently not working with youDay; according to your recommended site in the YouDay Alliance on total income based on ID: the income of more than 100 yuan to 300 yuan, calculated the Commission according to the 3%           ID on the income in 300.10 yuan to 800 yuan, calculated at 4% ID on commission income of more than 800.10 yuan in 1800 yuan, calculated at 5% ID on commission income of more than 1800.10 yuan in 3800 yuan, calculated at 6% ID on commission income in 3800.10 yuan 7800 yuan, calculated the Commission ID income of more than 7800.10 yuan in 7%, the commission calculated according to the 8%   please note: 1 in in the comments and suggestions to inform you of the recommended cooperation website ID, please understand financial youDay This will check. 2 every Friday, six, the settlement of the income will be unified payment next Monday, the commission standard is calculated according to the daily settlement income. 3 if you recommend a total of 8 ID of the total income of $5000, then your commission for the day: 5000*7%=3.