Wangzhuan topic said a lot, also did not make some notes on higher tutorials, this is also a key to the role of today should talk about it.

to make money on the project of different projects on each one has its own merits, there are different approaches, so it should make different Wangzhuan tutorial, and must be detailed enough, because the couple did not know what, can only look at the tutorial to learn how to operate, this point is very important, many projects have to rely on the line to make money, so in order to make a good tutorial for the assembly line, so as to make them easy to add your project to make money.

tutorials are generally combined with text and pictures, most of which are described in the text, so more detailed, plus that of the picture, basically can put a project clearly, if what do not understand, ask your supervisor.

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like some items, such as NeoBux, making the Wangzhuan tutorial is the first project to do some simple instructions, such as which country, what is the advertising price, how to achieve in order to pay, how much is the referral, what is the mode of payment, and payment cycle etc.. Then is to teach you how to register to join, there is a picture of the general description, the corresponding English to be translated into Chinese, so that beginners can easily understand.

again is the login account operation, like the common function of the button, click on the ads, account statistics, payment history, offline, a cashout button upgrade button, etc.. These must be understood, often have to use the new multi Wangzhuan operation several times will, believe that a few simple English letters is not difficult to remember.

and other project tutorial here is not to say, is basically the same, in short, is Wangzhuan tutorial for beginners teacher, want to let more people to make money, you must do it, this is a very practical experience in

network to make money!

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