[Abstract] car home said it would continue to expand from the media platform to the trading platform, expanding the proportion of new car business.



technology news (Xiang Xin) February 22nd news, recently accepted the Qin cause car home Tencent technology and other media interviews, he said, the 2016 car home growth strategy is based on the original business, promote new business to drive the company’s long-term development. Meanwhile, the car home will continue to expand from the media platform to the trading platform, expanding the proportion of new car business, and try to extend the business to the automotive market.

Qin pointed out that this year’s car home electricity supplier model will continue to use the open platform + self mode. 2016 car home will promote its own car mall business, which includes O2O open platform business (including product "assured purchase") and the POP store, B2C self included in the regulation of car parallel import car business, auto finance will be easier to cover future value-added services.

used car, the car home official has created a C2C model of the family car. Qin said to, because the used car early to ensure credit endorsement, pre sellers will only home car service vehicle, the short term will not be involved in second-hand car car mall.

specific strategy, one is to continue to enhance the number of users of the car home, two is to promote the continued growth of advertising and sales leads business, the three is to expand the market share of new car business.

According to the

car home in the fourth quarter of 2015 and 2015 full year results, the fourth quarter of 2015, net revenue grew 46.3% to 1 billion 81 million 500 thousand yuan ($167 million), the nine consecutive quarter than expected; the year 2015, net revenue grew 62.4% to 3 billion 464 million yuan ($534 million 700 thousand), adjusted net profit growth of 36.2% in the full year 2015, to 1 billion 103 million 100 thousand yuan ($170 million 300 thousand).

from the revenue structure, mainly due to the car dealers, car manufacturers business Yellow Pages advertising service revenue. Qin agreed that in the dealer in a huge yellow page service opportunities. "We are now doing business only to the Yellow Pages service dealer new car sales Chinese car dealers this link, not really cover the second-hand car customer service, maintenance, insurance or financial services, so these links will have more coverage."

earnings data from the point of view, dealers grow very fast. Results showed that the year 2015, the dealer’s Yellow Pages business revenue increased by 75.5%, to 1 billion 886 million 300 thousand yuan, accounting for the total net revenues in 2015 54.5%, compared to 50.4% in 2014.

this means that the car home is going deeper and deeper in the sales side, except at the beginning of