days ago, Jiangsu Yalu brand operation of Limited by Share Ltd has recently filed for three new board listing, the national share transfer system listed information disclosure, Yalu operation was established in December 8, 2009, the completion of the share reform in September 21, 2015, deputy general manager Gu Yinghua holds a 60.05% stake in the company’s largest shareholder, actual controller.


announcement shows that the Yalu operation 2014 year 2015 annual revenues were 32 million 804 thousand and 600 yuan, 76 million 61 thousand and 400 yuan; net profit was -1189.94 million yuan, 5 million 221 thousand and 700 yuan.

digs Bei three new board Research Institute data show that the operation of the main business is called "Yalu" brand men’s clothing (nondown class) R & D, design and sales, "Yalu" brand (nondown class) of the brand licensing, operation and management, men’s jacket, third party brand clothing sales.

According to the classification of

brand, called operation management products are mainly divided into "Yalu men" brand clothing, "100 Fu Lun" brand "Aoluowei" brand of men’s and women’s. According to product categories, can be divided into non down products and down products. Among them, down jacket products for the sale of the controlling shareholder of men’s down jacket.

The operation of

sponsored broker Yalu listing application for securities, legal counsel for the grandall law firm, financial audit is Lixin Certified Public Accountants (special general partnership).