] October 10th news billion state power network, billion state power network that double eleven day, Tmall is only open to businesses 5 official marketing tools, rather than the official designated third party promotion tools is not effective.

according to business sources, Tmall during the double eleven, Tmall launched the "shop discount" "collocation" coupons "treasure" users purchase "and" special offer treasure "five official applications, to help businesses complete shop or goods set on the day of the full cut, full, full, full of mail sent off to promote sales.


in addition to the above five promotional tools, on November 11th, including Taobao official, limited time discount, collocation package, send, Taobao VIP, VIP shops and various third party tools such as preferential preferential setting will not take effect. In contrast, Tmall marketing center in the tool, it will take effect.

at the same time, according to the provisions of Tmall, in November 10, 2013 22 to November 11, 2013 4, in order to keep the system stable during the peak flow, add, will also suspend the tool to modify or delete functions. To this end, Tmall reminded businesses to pay attention to the need to complete all the tool settings before 22 November 10th.

although Tmall free to open up the use of these marketing tools to businesses, but there are still different voices pointed out that Tmall has borrowed eleven of its own products to sell suspected.

as a platform and the rules of the party, Tmall has the right to request the seller at any particular time who use the software, but also the right to indirectly shield other software." A point of promotion software provider, said the double eleven not only greatly stimulate the enthusiasm of the business sales, software service providers, but also a marketing opportunity.

noted billion state power network, the Tmall official recommended five products, with particular emphasis on the difference with other promotional tools. To be on the line of special treasure, for example, whether it is the richness of promotional methods, or preferential efforts, have shown stronger than the other third party applications.

"let people can send a smile is a comparative form about whether to support the double eleven options, Tmall only for special offer to play treasure Duigou on the other, are playing a fork. First of all, with the policy of restricting the seller’s option, and then with a clear tendency of the ‘Black’ out of the market competitors, both when the referee and when the athletes, which is typical of Taobao ‘God logic’." The above points promotional software service providers said.


in addition, Tmall official propaganda also pay particular attention to guide businesses to use official software. Whether it is in the Taobao forums, or announcements, are explicitly told the seller "now all use Tmall official marketing tool set" marketing activities "as soon as possible to master the 5 official Tmall marketing tool operation", and to remind the seller should promptly pay attention to the upgrading and optimization of related products.