Jingdong Suning Gome price war




Wang Ning

by the Jingdong mall off the electricity supplier price war intensified.

had previously been dismissive of Gome Liu Qiangdong yesterday announced that from today (August 17th) the city will house more than 1 thousand and 700 and Gome online mall to maintain online and offline prices across the board, Jingdong to mall war. Gome executives to different from ordinary day high-profile, respectively in Beijing and Shenzhen announced the decision, and through the media released relentless war, Jingdong.

Wong Kwong Yu or incite

, general manager of the Southern China region of the United States, said the high cluster in Shenzhen yesterday, the United States and the United States on the Jingdong, is an ant tripped elephant. As long as the Jingdong to sell goods, the United States have to do a better price. "He dares to buy one, I would dare to buy 95 Fen", and said that through the price war to kill the Jingdong;

long appeared in the media Gome group vice president He Yangqing high-profile position: we played 26 years with Suning price war, can be said that Gome and Suning is the competition of all industries in the most comprehensive, full, for the other challenger, we never fear.

The United States

e-commerce general manager Han Depeng Liu Qiangdong issued the afternoon, we only play electric price is too stingy to play the whole category, the 3C products were added, with immediate effect, Gome online mall network whole category to join the price war.

of the Gome executives on the same day release to the outside world so consistently strong information, according to informed sources close to the top of the United States said, this may be the United States rise has been inspired from Wong Kwong Yu’s prison.

Sina had earlier told Wong Kwong Yu how decision Gome reported, although Wong Kwong Yu has not returned but Gome, Gome’s important decisions and strategic decision, directly will come from Wong Kwong Yu, especially after his wife, Chen Xiao left back cuckoo Gome, Gome’s board is Wong Kwong Yu’s "shadow cabinet", is the cuckoo is the direct spokesperson Wong Kwong Yu.

A violation of the special channel

Wong Kwong Yu to communicate with the outside world, through this channel, Huang can know outside events, an important decision to participate in the United States, control the affairs of the company. The insider analysis, the United States in response to the challenges posed by the Jingdong, in line with the strong style of Gome expansion period and Wong Kwong Yu has always been a business idea. Although Wong Kwong Yu is in prison, his influence has been playing an important role. Gome executives Wang Junzhou, Wei Qiuli, the core of Li Juntao, Mou Guixian and He Yangqing are the core executives Wong Kwong Yu era, now still plays the role of stability.

inevitable war

this is the first time in the history of the most tragic electricity supplier price war in the second days after the discovery of the consumer and the media is not the same thing. The data provided by the third party monitoring platform is more likely to show