about this topic before we should first try to understand the concept of O2O, the so-called O2O is Online To Offline, which is under the line of business and the operation of the Internet together, let the Internet become a platform for the next line transactions. The first O2O model is in the group buying site just emerging when it appeared, but now consumers are more familiar with the concept of buy, but the concept of O2O know little. In fact, O2O is the main core business through discounts, provide information and services, business news under the line to the Internet user groups, to bring them to these businesses in the consumer goods or services, the user first purchase online and offline, and then to the line of business services. For example, now the public comment network and a large number of buy site management is mainly such a model. As for the specific application of O2O we can see from the following figure:


O2O and then again this concept and we already have B2C do a simple conceptual distinction: firstly, O2O more focused on the consumer service, such as restaurants, movies, travel, fitness, leisure services and so on, and B2C will focus on shopping this, you know it; secondly, O2O consumers are to obtain related services, such as we now often group purchase movie tickets and so on, are at the site of consumption, while B2C we are sitting at home waiting for delivery; finally, the O2O inventory is "service", "commodity inventory is B2C". From which we can not be more clear about this new service model?

and O2O currently involved in this industry enterprises and businesses or a lot, especially many traditional enterprises, to carry out online shopping mall of the costs and energy is too large, so to carry out the O2O event is a very good choice for enterprises, so a traditional line, to carry out O2O e-commerce service needs pay attention to what the basic methods? From many successful cases we summed up some experiences of the following:

1, set up their own official store, consumers can through the network of shops for consumer online orders, then, in the process of brands to provide customer service and support online whenever and wherever possible to transfer products etc.. This method is suitable for the large chain enterprises, corresponding to one of the benefits can be achieved online and offline stores, but this method costs more, more in need of a wide range of promotion, it is not recommended to small businesses take this approach.

2, there is a use of third party Internet platform is well-known, as we said before the public comment, group purchase websites such as handle, Wowo, together with its perfect join enterprises and substation system combined with large user flow of third party Internet platform, quickly promote their own "