the United States District Court recently ruling, network services company OnlineNic to Verizon Communications (hereinafter referred to as "Verizon") for $33 million 200 thousand, as the Verizon registered trademark of hundreds of domain compensation. The United States of California, San Jose district judge Jeremy · Fogel (Jeremy Fogel) in December 19th has made the case of default judgment, ordered the freezing of assets of OnlineNic, and ordered the company to 663 of its registered trademark of the domain name to Verizon Verizon to pay compensation, compensation of $50 thousand per name.

Verizon filed a lawsuit in June of OnlineNic, said the company violated the Verizon trademark, guilty of illegal crime, namely "network cockroaches" in the world of cybersquatting, audio-visual confusion network users. Verizon said that these domain names often lead to the user to sell products with a competitive relationship with the Verizon page.

Verizon legal adviser Sara · Deciqi (Sarah Deutsch) said in a statement on Wednesday: "the case is designed to convey a clear message that deterrent to those ‘network cockroaches’, to prevent to mislead consumers as the main purpose of business operation."

Verizon claims to be awarded up to $66 million 300 thousand in the lawsuit, the claims include, and sites.

Verizon said in court papers, the OnlineNic has about 900000 registered similar domain name with the world’s major companies, such as Google, Adidas and News Corp.’s MySpace, WAL-MART and YAHOO etc.. Verizon accused OnlineNic of using an automated program to register domain names and took "many ways to cover up its true identity".

OnlineNic on the web site, said the company since 1996 has been a ICANN (Internet domain name and address management agency) signed an agreement to appoint an international domain name registrar.

currently, OnlineNic has yet to comment on the case verdict.