who is the winner of the "double 11"


"both online and offline or O2O, if the simple and crude way to make electricity supplier, is" no return "."

source: first financial network Author: Wang Zhen

November 12th, Jingdong, Suning, Gome also announced a record eleven double. However, unlike Alibaba’s Taobao, Tmall, the three companies have only released an increase in the situation, especially the number of mobile terminal growth. Su ningyun vice chairman Sun Weimin told the "First Financial Daily" the reporter said that the electricity supplier development today, not only low prices, but also to upgrade the electricity supplier "".

mobile end accounted for about 70%

Jingdong big feast feast 11 days activities in November 11th to enter the climax, as of the date of 17:00, Jingdong mall orders more than 20 million single, once again beyond their own. From the mobile terminal (including Jingdong mobile client, Jingdong WeChat shopping and Jingdong mobile QQ shopping, etc.), the volume of orders to maintain high growth, orders accounted for more than 70%.

rural electricity providers, Jingdong borrowed 1200 Jingdong help service store to promote. Rural consumers like to buy home appliances is TV, rural TV sales is the largest 50 inches large screen TV, rural consumers favorite home appliance brand top two is beautiful and Hisense. One of the Jingdong to help sell the United States of America’s products have accounted for about 30% of total sales in the u.s..

and Suning as of November 11th 24, O2O double quantity in order to achieve a high growth of 358%, of which mobile client orders accounted for 67%, the line stores sales contrarian growth of 153%. The integration of online and offline effect highlights, warehouse stores covering the area of two hours of rapid up service delivery orders amounted to 49 thousand, 13 large city home appliances "send installed one single reached 105 thousand single day, the whole network tuotou rate reached 97.8%.

12, the United States also released the data show that in its line (6 days), online (11) activities on the day of the launch, the United States and the country’s total retail sales grew by about 703%. It is worth mentioning that the United States accounted for up to 70% mobile terminal, while the line in the day of the year on year growth of more than 1000%. Double eleven day, Gome online total transaction volume (GMV) an increase of 406%, an increase in the peer leader; mobile end price per passenger over 2300 yuan, for the mobile terminal price first.

hot selling products vary

mobile phones, winter dresses, watches and other categories and HUAWEI, millet, apple and other brands, become a hot word for the user search word list. As of 16, textile category single volume grew 300% last year. Imported milk orders reached 5 times the same period last year, domestic milk orders reached the same period last year of 12 times. Then a global share of maternal and child category >