just past 2015, you may still be busy on how to do the electricity supplier, electricity supplier may also feel very strange very smart, but the data show that the electricity supplier has become traditional industries. Standing in 2016, it is necessary to sort out and look at some of the trends in 2016, I hope you can find their own direction.

electricity supplier has become a traditional industry

ten years ago, the electricity supplier is indeed very new, more popular at that time called Taobao. In that era, as long as the price of cheap things or relatively scarce things hanging on the Taobao, can be sold directly; if you also understand some of the network technology, search knowledge, you can make money immediately. Then put energy to do Taobao, the probability of making money more than 80%. At present, a large electricity supplier seller, that’s when many fortune.

time to 2016, Taobao has more than 1 billion kinds of goods, the seller more than 10 million, more than 3 million active sellers, Tmall merchants more than 150 thousand. This is only a possible data Ali department, Jingdong, one shop, Suning, vip.com and other electronic business platform, data will soar. Electricity supplier after more than and 10 years of rapid development, is not new. It has been the same as real estate, catering industry, the traditional industry.

electricity supplier into a traditional industry, began to become stable, with the next line of business, to have a good supply chain, to have a good team, to have a good and stable management system. If none of these, just rely on ten years of electricity supplier experience, so soon will be eliminated. Electricity providers who, in 2016, need to have the characteristics, but do not blindly innovation and expansion, to keep some of the more than to open up new perhaps more successful.

do not underestimate the transformation of traditional business electricity supplier

in recent years, the impact of the traditional business model, to the electricity supplier transformation, this trend will accelerate in 2016. Many traditional industries, but also need to pay tuition. Most of all enterprises in the process of transformation, transformation, failure The climate does not suit one., money fell too few. Always do the electricity supplier sellers don’t gloat, to know the traditional enterprise is much larger than the amount of electricity, this part of the transformation of traditional business success will devour many of the original business electricity supplier.

chance is there, just imagine, a mature business team, if you are rich enough courage to incorporate the traditional enterprise, the electricity supplier for many years but no stable supply chain, and then bothered to establish a reliable factory more easily. Ali’s Chinese made project will accelerate the pace of transformation of traditional enterprise electricity supplier.


to accelerate the pace of business successAFU

is our essential oil for having heard it many times a combination of online and offline do a good case. In 2015 the pure electricity supplier brand Yin man trial under the waterline, it is said that in 2016 to open the "Yin +" plan, thousands of city shops opened 1000 stores under the line. Traditional enterprises found that electricity providers have the opportunity to go to the electricity supplier; and electricity providers to do out >