recent micro business topic is really talking about fire, some people look good, some people do not look good. In fact, I have always wanted to talk about their views on micro business, but did not write for a while. Today to take this opportunity, but also to talk about the micro business in my eyes.

recently I often in WeChat, today’s headlines and APP see many articles, micro business since the hot, I will have a look at what is said. Look for a long time, are introduced to do so micro business success story, and some also belittle Taobao’s bad.

last night, I still open today’s headlines, see an article "Taobao owners, micro business is your only way out!". This article describes the Taobao and the new rules, indicating that the micro business is the choice of Taobao owners.

read the comments, I am drunk, this is really the God comment on it: "since the derivative, then there is no friend, really say a lot of micro friends psychological, but also naked irony derivative. Here to give you a comment screenshot:

would like to give you a few screenshots, but I have a lot of words to say to you, if you want to see more users to comment on the above article to find the original. To sum up the views of the users of the micro business:

1, WeChat chat is not the place where

said the micro business, we think of WeChat, a lot of friends are using WeChat to do micro business. A lot of netizens response, WeChat is making friends, not suitable for sellers, and see the ads will hate. Users also made it clear that no matter who, even relatives and friends to do micro business, decisive pull black.

2, WeChat circle of friends is to share knowledge and brush presence

friends wanwuzhougou said: WeChat circle of friends is the most perfect ecological environment to share knowledge and brush sense of presence, incompatible with the business, micro business is the ultimate way out. More advertising, you will out circle of friends, the business is gone. It’s different from other business models – advertising is rampant, business is all over.

3, Taobao is the pit of the people of the country, but the friends of the micro pit

friends polar storm: Taobao is the pit of the national people, but the business of micro pit friends! You pit others pit their own people; has been to the pit is not a person!

4, micro business is disguised pyramid schemes, people fear

micro business model has been well known, with MLM mode. In fact, before is called MLM direct sales, but do not be bad, people will talk about the pin at. Now there are many Direct Selling Company, but we still do not recognize no matter how good you say, as long as you recruit agents, pull off that is mlm.

above is a summary of the views of the users of the micro business, below, also talk about my views on the micro business.

what is the micro business? I don’t want to find you