as the first batch of network clothing brand, relying on Taobao traffic dividends continue to grow, transformation, and now out of Amoy listed, Han are not an example.


said the market for a year, the Korea electricity supplier was officially listed in the new board last week (stock code 838711).

April 2016, shares of the company are listed on the application materials received in Korea, the end of July shares listed on the consent letter issued by the end of December, to South Korea finally became the first three new board listed Internet clothing brand.

If the

race, the other two Liebo Amoy brand Yin man and also the same year submitted IPO application, but they choose the listing of Shenzhen gem, the process is relatively complex, was eventually Han are a step ahead.

was founded in 2006, Han not only do clothing, but also to help other brands online operations. Its main business is clothing design and sales, production outsourcing to the upstream garment factory. Do not do a dress, Han are now operating more than 30 brands, covering women’s clothing, men’s clothing, children’s clothing and accessories, etc.. Women’s clothing is the most important business in recent years, accounting for more than 70%.

caught such as Korean pop elements, the brand is also willing to spend money (for Gianna Jun, Ahn Jae Hyun and Park Shin Hye, Han Han endorsement) all sales performance has been good. Taobao data show that from 2012 to 2015, Han have won the women’s total sales champion for the past four years.

network as the first batch of clothing brand, South Korea to catch Taobao traffic bonus ride, also witnessed the Amoy brand acquisition fight now after the reshuffle, flow bonus era choice Amoy to market, its development is not the case.

from brand to ecosystem

Korea’s brand evolution, the main four steps: from a single brand to multi brand, and then become a brand incubator platform, and finally started the Internet ecosystem.

in the 1 stage of entrepreneurship, the lack of experience of the lack of money by purchasing Korean Korean clothing start.

2008, Han from several institutions in Shandong attracted dozens of clothing design and Korean professional students. This group of young people every day from the South Korean Web site screening clothing brands and goods, put on the Taobao to sell, sell and then to the South Korean Web site orders. In this process, the staff manages the brand, the design picture, the translated product introduction, the design style and the price and so on.

daily sales of two hundred or three hundred South Korean clothing, the Korean made a pot of gold, not only traffic soaring, also trained a group of buyers team. But this obvious shortcoming such as purchasing and delivery of goods can not be returned, slow and low price.

a year later, Han are no longer purchasing from South Korea, directly to find a domestic factory, began to do brand spot.

gradually, Han has formed a team of several artificial units, this product group >