in recent years, with the rapid development of the cosmetics market and e-commerce, many product brands gradually move closer to the micro channel. Office, marketing circle of friends still relatively new marketing approach, because there is no business license, no fixed place of business, there is no legal basis for the supervision of all kinds of related generated derivative consumer issues, let consumer complaints difficult, rights difficult, the relevant government departments to deal with when it is difficult to. Recently, the National Federation of industry and Commerce cosmetology cosmetics industry promulgated the first Chinese cosmetic micro business standards (Draft), a clear micro business qualifications, help to protect the interests of consumers and micro business market order.

circle of friends to buy cosmetics more than

data show that the sale of the people working in WeChat software has accounted for the entire WeChat 1/3 circle of friends, all kinds of facial mask and skin care products are sold in derivative form, but with the development of crazy WeChat marketing, more and more strangers appear WeChat circle, marketing risk it.

goods inconsistent with the description, return difficult, more difficult refund." Ms. Zhang worked in the bank to buy a set of WeChat shop whitening products, received the goods found inconsistent with the description, which expressed distress. "A friend recommended a micro signal monopoly cosmetics to me, then look at the product description of good results, very detailed description of the goods, and the owner also told me that the goods fidelity, is friends spent 500 yuan to buy a set of whitening mask, but when you receive the product, not like described is genuine, then I will contact the store, request a return, but WeChat store said, sell things do not give to return, finally several consultations did not return, only zirendaomei."

coincidentally, people Miss Yang also encountered similar problems, the micro shop last month she in a so-called French purchasing to buy a set of cosmetics, after paying the money, but there was no goods, upon inquiry, the store said the goods through customs at the time of the detained, need to pay a fine, only good and miss yang to pay hundreds of yuan, to get the goods after one month. In this regard, two consumers said that in WeChat circle of friends to buy things, after sales rights difficult, and do not want to believe that the micro shop.

micro business also requires a business license

recently, the first Chinese cosmetic micro business standards (Draft) published. The new regulations explicitly require derivative of the distribution of products must have the production license, trademark registration certificate, hygiene license, product registration information and approval, a certificate of trademark registration and business license and other related documents, and the unit of the individual operators, to the local business sector registered, legal business license, the relevant laws and regulations by the sale of products and packaging must meet the standards and cosmetics.

‘s new regulations on cosmetics micro customer service work is also provided, regardless of personal behavior or the behavior of enterprises, any micro providers should establish and improve the pre-sale, sale, customer service service mechanism, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers to provide maximum protection.